Material Experimentations

This project inscribes itself within the context of the French Ministry of Culture’s National Strategy for Architecture which aims to “transform the act of building for tomorrow”.

The project takes the position that the innovations necessary for a sustainable future must be rooted in the inherent intelligence of the natural order and reimagines the constructive possibilities of bio-sourced and geo-sourced materials. Slow-pour site-sourced aggregate concrete, mass-timber and large-scale pre-fab adobe were each explored as the elements of a natural, carbon-neutral, renewable and contemporary architecture.

student team: Lubin Aime, Marilou Barbier, Ludovic Bélugue, Sofiia Bondarenko, Jean-Pierre Calandrino, Véronique Côté, Mathilde Chauvin-Amyot, Diwan Corre, Luca Desagneaux, Amélie Garreau, Geoffrey Genay, Lila Guillon, Mathilde Hirlemann, Elena Koch, Hugo Maleysson, Amélie Matricon, Kayla Maurice, Ana Melnicenco, Baptiste Nevoret, Léa Pfitser, Hugo Thibaudeau, Jeanne Thoviste, Maëlle Valfort, Benjamin Verney-Carron