Mobile Home Dissection

Photographs  Tom Carrier

The design of a single-wide mobile home was selected as the core for this third year architecture studio because its scale allowed the students to focus on the complexities of affordable housing as an architectural problem. Through a combination of academic research, field meetings with professionals and homeowners, and the dissection of an actual mobile home, the students were able to develop a grounded understanding before making their own design proposals. The aim of the dissection was to preserve critical details and assemblies for careful study. Because the trailer being dissected was near the end of its service life, students were able to evaluate the materials and methods used in its construction and analyze their success or failure in the life span of the building.

STUDENT TEAM Ani Baghdasaryan, Rachel Bek, Paolo Bugatti, Adriane Colby, Kristin Fields, Kirsten Halik, Chris Hazel, Desiree Hollar, Destiny Jackson, Allie Jarett, Amber Kohlrieser, Allison Kramer, Robert Lauby, Jimmy Laughlin, Fiona Lougheed, Beth Mathon, Ross Ritchie, Moreo Rivera, Chris Volcano, Amanda Vottis, Chris Warren, Brett Weiglein, Mandy Wilmoth, Michelle Wood